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Happy Batman Day!!!






Because this pairing has been thought of since the show started. I Just finished two different version of the “Gaim of Thrones” T-shirts and uploaded them to the Digital Overlord T-shirt Page.

Although I haven’t started the actual program yet, I plan on doing something similar to what Bruno from MMPR Toys on youtube does and wearing the T-shirts on youtube videos I make that are Tokusatsu related, specifically a show that right now has a working title of “Attack on Toku” (This may change though) The reason there are two versions is I couldn’t’ decide if I liked when I added the flags, so I made them both as shirts.

Let me know which one you think is better (Although I will most likely always have two versions on the shop, maybe adding different types of shirts as I make more Toku related parody shirts.

So if you wanted it, it’s now for sale on Digital Overlord Gift Galaxy.


 #i imagine this would turn mundane tasks into sweet skeleton victories